ReSOLVE is a unique, personalized mechanical therapy experience, with patient-centered 1-on-1 care serving the greater Grand Haven area.

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Re·SOLVE /re’ zälv/

verb 1. find a solution to (a problem)

noun 1. firm determination to do something

Physical therapy & fitness for every age, every stage.

Injury Prevention

Ideal programs for athletes of all ages and levels; or individuals who simply wish to work better, move better and feel better.

Spine Care

Experts in spine health, our ReSOLVE team focuses not just on treating the pain or discomfort, but determining and treating the cause.

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

“Prehabilitation” efforts can improve the speed, success and cost of your rehabilitation experience post-surgery, getting you back to doing the things you love – free of pain.

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P: (616) 200-4428
F: (616) 200-4436

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Monday - Thursday: 8a - 5p
Friday: 8a - 3p
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

What We Treat

Back, Neck, & Extremity Pain
Pre & Post Surgery Therapy
Ortho & Sports Injuries
Injury Prevention

We love the water, sand, and sunsets along the third coast just like you.

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Many resolvable issues are wrongly blamed on aging. Let’s treat that pain or symptom that’s not going away.

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